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Jackie Chan's FACTS

About Jackie Chan's Life

Birthdate: April 7, 1954
Birthplace: Hong Kong
Real Name: Chan Kong Sang (Cantonese) or Chen Gang Sheng (Mandarin), meaning "born in Hong Kong"

Name: He is known to Chinese audiences as Sing Lung (Cant.) or Cheng Long (Mand.), which means "Alrady a Dragon" or "To Become (like) a Dragon". He is known to Western audiences as Jackie Chan (or in some earlier films as Jacky Chan).
Height: 5'-8"
Weight: 160 lbs.

Status: Married to former Taiwanese actress Lam Fung Giu (Cant.) or Lin Feng Chiao (Mand.).
Family: One son, born 1983, Chan Cho Ming (Cant.) or Chen Zu Ming (Mand.); his anglicized name reportedly is Jackson. Jackie's parents, Charles and Lee Lee Chan, live in Australia.


Jackie Chan