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Jackie Chan's Top 10

Jackie Chan's Top 10 Fights

Jackie Chan's Top 10 Stunts

1. "Jet Fighter, Part One," Wheels on Meals
Facing Benny "The Jet" Urquidez, American champion kickboxer. He's a great fighter -good enough that he tested Jackie's skills to the limit. A fast, intense and incredible fighting scene.

2. "Mall Brawl," Police Story
Leading up to the Great Glass Slide was a fight that just didn't let up, with shattering shop windows and display cases everywhere, and nearly everyone getting cut or bruised as the glass flew.

3. "Factory Fight," Drunken Master II
Jackie's main opponent in this scene is Kenneth Lo, who's his best friend and his bodyguard in real life. He was a former champion kickboxer before going into the movies, and you can tell from the lightning speed of his leg work. To face Kenneth's Thai boxing, Jackie uses Choy Ki Fut, a hybrid kung fu style that blends Northern and Southern techniques -as well as some "Drunken kung fu".

4. "Come Drink with Me," Drunken Master
He faces off in the finale against Hwang Jang Lee, a Korean martial artist who is one of the greatest kickers in the history of kung fu cinema. It's an intense and unusual fight, featuring Jackie's comical "Eight Drunken Fairies".

5. "Jet Fighter, Part Two" Dragons Forever
The pacing of JC's second battle with Benny "The Jet" Urquidez is wonderfull, too, beginning slow with each of them sizing up the other while we take off our shirts and circle warily, and then building tremendous momentum into a whirlwind of kicks and punches.

6. "Child's Play," Police Story II
An example of intricate prop fighting, in wich he uses playground equipment to take out a gang og thugs. A whole bunch of fighters, over, under, through, and around swingsets, jungle gyms, and seesaws.

7. "Monkes and Amazons," Armour of God
A bizarre battle between Jackie and a mob of angry monks, with a few warrior women thrown in for good measure, battling outward in a spiral while using circular kicks to keep cassock-wearing combatants at a distance.

8. "Bar Bash," Project A
It's Jackie and the Coast Guard sailors against their hatred rivals, the police squad, in a sensational bar-room brawl. The action is so fast, and there are so many combatants, that it's a little hard to follow everything that's going on.

9. "No Pain, No Gain," The Young Master
In this epic, extended battle, JC fights hapkido expert Whang Inn Sik. To finally defeat the master, Jackie throws out all his traditional techniques, and just go at Whang as a lunatic, flailing his arms and smashing into him with his head, his fists, and every other part of his body.

10. "Turbo Charged," Armour of God II:Operation Condor
Jackie Chan and Vincent Lyn, an American martial artist, battle in a giant wind tunnel -flying through the air, smashing against the wall of the tunnel, and tumbling to the ground when the turbine is turned off. It's a campy scene, but it's a lot of fun. Especially when JC fly at Vincent with his fist outstretched, shouting "Superman!" and uses the thrust of the wind to punch him out.

1. "Shantytown Stakeout," Police Story
As far as action concerned, Police Story is his favorite movie. In the beginning of the film, Kevin Chan (JC) and his fellow police men were on an undercover stakeout in an attempt to nab a notorious mobster. They set a trap along a winding mountain highway, taking up hidden positions throughout a rickety village of old tin and wood shacks. When their trap is sprung too soon, the mobsters try to escape by driving through, and I mean through the village, smashing into, over and through the buildings. Kevin Chan follows them in a car of his own. On the highway, just minutes after the building-smashing, the mobsters hijack a double-decker buss, Kevin grab an umbrella, runs after the buss, leaps and hook the umbrellas handle onto the rim of an open window! Hanging desperately onto the umbrella, he tries to pull himself into the bus, but is eventually thrown clear. Scrambling down to a lower part of the highway, he draws his pistol, order the speeding bus to stop... and it does, just inches away form his body.

2. "The Great Glass Slide," Police Story
After a glass-shattering fight inside a shopping mall, Kevin Chan spots his target several floors below, on the ground level of an open atrium. The only way to get down from his perch in time to stop the target is to take a flying leap into the air, grab ahold of a pole wrapped in twinkling Christmas lights, and slide a hundred feet to the ground -through a glass-and-wood partitio, onto the hard marble tile. Somehow he managed to survive with a collection of ugly bruises... and second-degree burns on the skin of his fingers and palms.

3. "Clock Tower Tumble," Project A
After a wild bicycle race through Hong Kong's back alleys, JC finds himself high in the air, dangling from the hands of a giant clock face. With no other way to get down than fall. He let go -and crash through a series of cloth canopies before smashing into the ground.

4. "An Aerial Tour of Kuala Lumpur," Police Story III
Jackie Chan jumps from the roof of a building to a rope ladder swinging from the bottom of a hovering helicopter. The crooks flying the chopper try to knock him off the ladder by swinging him back and forth through the air and into buildings, moving at high speed above the streets of Malaysia's capital.

5. "Going Down...," Who Am I?
The sequence begins with Jackie Chan fighting it out with some thugs on the top of a very tall building in Rotterdam, Holland. After battling with them around the roof, and nearly falling off once or twice, he finally take the quickest possible trip to the sidewalk below -sliding down the side of the building, wich is slanted nearly 45 degrees, all the way to the ground. Tewnty-one stories.

6. "The Walls Come Tumblin' Down" Project A II
After running down the face of a ceremonial facade that's in the process of falling over, he narrowly escape being crushed by standing in the right place at the right time -with his body going through an opening in the facade as it crashes down right over him.

7. "No Way to Ride a Bus...," Police Story II
Another chase sequence -this time running along the tops of moving buses, while narrowly dodging signs and billboards that pass overhead and around him. At the end of the chase, he leaps through a glass windows... Unfortunately, he chose the wrong window as his target, and instead of hitting prop glass, he smashes through a real one.

8. "Down, Down and Away," Armour of God
Asian Hawk, Jackie Chan, is racing to get away from angry natives. (He's just stolen a priceless religious artifact from them, so they have a good reason to be angry). Over a cliff he goes... landing on top of a huge hot air balloon, safe and sound.

9. "Roller Boggie," Winners and Sinners
Jackie's roller-skating on a crowded highway, being chased by villains. The wildest part of the sequence has him rolling under a Volkswagen Beetle, and then under an eighteen-wheeler truck rig.

10. "Cycle Thriller," Armour of God II:Operation Condor
After racing through the streets of Madrid on the back of a motorcycle, he finds himself headed for the waterfront with nowhere to go but into the sea. Luckily, he spots a cargo net hanging from a crane at the edge of the docks -so he guns the engines and head full-speed towards the end of the pier in a deadly game of chicken with his pursuers. He rides his cycle off the pier and into the air, leaping up to grab hold of the net at the very last minute