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What martial art styles does Jackie know?
In Jackie's early films, he almost exclusively uses Sil Lum (Shaolin) styles of the type he learned at the Peking Opera School. He especially uses the Snake, the Crane, and the Dragon styles. He also utilizes the "Drunken Fist" technique in Drunken Master I and II.
Jackie's later work emphasizes his speed and acrobatic abilities. His flashy high kicks come from his study of Hapkido, and his quick blocks and punches are characteristic of Wing Chun. Jackie also has stated that he has studied Karate, Judo, boxing and even fencing. Ultimately, all of these are combined and improvised into a very unique and personal style. Jackie reportedly has said that, if he wanted to, he could develop his own unique fighting system, as Bruce Lee did with Jeet Kun Do.

What does Jackie think is his best fights and stunts?
Jackie thinks his best fight is the fight between Jackie Chan and Benny "The Jet" Urquidez in Wheals on Meals. Urquidez is a great fighter -good enough that he tested Jackie's skills to the limit. A fast, intense and incredible fighting scene.
The stunts he rates as his best is all the stunts he did in the beginning of Police Story. First driving a car down, and through(!) a little village when he's following a gang of bad guys. Then, on the highway just minutes after the building-smashing, the mobsters hijack a double-decker buss, Kevin grab an umbrella, runs after the buss, leaps and hook the umbrellas handle onto the rim of an open window! Hanging desperately onto the umbrella, he tries to pull himself into the bus, but is eventually thrown clear. Scrambling down to a lower part of the highway, he draws his pistol, order the speeding bus to stop... and it does, just inches away form his body


Jackie Chan's very worst injury ever, the one that almost killed him, actually occurred on very routine stunt. He was shooting Armour of God in Yugoslavia, and was still recovering from the jet lag of flying twenty hours to get there. The stunt was simple -just jumping down from a castle wall to a tree below. The first time he tried it, the stunt went perfectly, but he wasn't satisfied with the take. He tried it again, a second time, he somehow missed the branch he was trying to grab. Wish! He fell past the tree and onto the ground below. He hit the rocky ground head first. A piece of his skull cracked and shot up into his brain, and blood poured from his ears. The production team quickly got on the phones to try to find the nearest hospital that could do emergency brain surgery, and eight hours later, he was under the knife. The operation was successful, and he recovered quickly -even though there's a permanent hole in his head now, with a plastic plug there to keep his brains in.

By Jon